filigree wedding band yellow gold

Filigree Wedding Band That Gives Endless Vintage Look

Filigree wedding band is always vintage and classic, with the intricate ornamental design that formed out of metals; this style of filigree band has a specific meaning which shows the fascinating embellishments. You will find the fine and pliable threads of precious and prestigious metals which are twisted and curled into the designs and after that, those will be soldered onto jewelry. Then, it is obvious that the vintage look […]

mason jar labels for wedding favors

Mason Jar Wedding Favors That Are Cheap but Pretty

Mason jar wedding favors are varied and for those who want to serve the guests with best favors but cannot afford with the budget, then play with simple and recommended ideas using mason jars that you will love and save your money a lot. First idea, you can make delicious and yummy favors, like rainbow cakes in mason jars for example. This idea is indeed cheap but pretty, the striking […]

camouflage wedding rings cheap

The Unique Camouflage Wedding Rings

The camouflage wedding rings can be found among the wedding ring types. There have been so many wedding rings which are produced by the jewelry shops in the world. If you like the unique ring, you can select it for your wedding. Will not you hold a wedding soon? It does not matter. You can collect eth information related to it so you will not feel confused when your wedding […]

wedding decorations on a budget

Planning to Make Wedding Decorations on a Budget

People should make the wedding decorations on a budget for their wedding. Why is it important? Each couple wants to plan the best wedding because this once in a life. It influences out of budget risk. By planning the decorations based on the specific budget, the wedding couple can minimize the risk. It is much better than letting the decorating process with no plan. How much money do you have […]

mens black wedding bands titanium

The Elegant Mens Black Wedding Bands

The mens black wedding bands can be a good and elegant choice for men. It applies black color which is included in the neutral colors. This is a good color for everyone. You can apply this black ring for your precious wedding moment. This kind of wedding band is elegant on the men’s fingers. Are you interested in this kind wedding band? You can dig further information from the jewelry […]

short wedding vows non traditional

The Wedding Vows Traditional in the Wedding Ceremony

The wedding couples usually say the wedding vows traditional in the wedding ceremony. This is a promise which is said by the bride and the groom. This vows are spoken in the church when the wedding ceremony process. The vows saying will be done by wedding couples in front of the priest who marries them off. It becomes the start promise which is done by the bride and groom. This […]

unique wedding bands for women

Unique Wedding Bands for Women for Special Wedding Ring

Women should think about the unique wedding bands for women. This offers special wedding ring which will be worn for the rest of life. It is sure that women do not want to have bad wedding ring. Women are identical with the God’s creature which is looking for the best one for their performance and life. The different unique bands will make them more special and proud of the ring […]